Easy Setup

A production ready server in minutes.


Select your Mansion. All Mansions come with full server access allowing you to tailor all settings to your app.


Select your location. Our global datacentres can dramatically increase the speed of your app by placing it near your users.


Add your app. Your app will thrive on our industry standard software and rock solid cloud infrastructure.


Grow or shrink with demand. Whether single server or distributed apps, you can scale quickly and easily.

Easy Scaling

Grow or shrink with demand. No more guess work.

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Affordable Enterprise
Respond to real demand with lightning reflexes

Time is money. And the more money you spend on unnecessary IT costs the less you have for your value added activities.

Mansion OS provides you with enterprise and production ready servers out of the box. In just a few minutes you can simply slot your app onto our World class infrastructure.

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Instant Network

All our Mansions come with a free publicly accesible URL that allows you to get up and running instantly.

Unlimited Storage

You can add as many blocks of storage as you need to each machine. Our amazingly fast SSD storage blocks will turbo charge your app.

Server Replication

You never have to worry about going offline as we always keep a copy of the latest stable version of your server.

Vertical Scaling

Astonishingly fast scaling of the size of your server so you can handle more and more demand. Do more with less by upgrading with minimal downtime.

Unlimited Users

Your app can have as many users as your server can handle. No restrictions, no limits, no hidden charges.

Simple Metrics

24/7 monitoring statistics provide you with a remarkably granular picture of your technology needs. Make resource decisions backed by hard data rather than imaginary demand.

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Connect To Everything
Universally accessible with no limits

Setting up a production ready server used to take days, cost you hundreds, and confuse everyone outside of IT.

With Mansion OS those headaches are gone. You can quickly have a production server ready for your App to slot into.

  • Mansion OS makes it incredibly easy to keep your server current with auto updates.
  • Our instant publicly accessible domain name makes it outstandingly simple to deliver your app and control its exposure.
  • Deploying you app is amazingly simple with our powerful all access web based sys admin tools.
  • Working in conjunction with our powerful tools you can manage your app environment and ensure a stable solution for your users.

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